Perform in Profuomo / SS18

Starting in 1934, Heinz Michaelis had a clear vision. That vision was to create a product that was nurtured from the design process, straight through to production and delivery. That product is Profuomo, and it's made it's way to our shelves at Peter Roberts. 



This Italian designed product has been sourcing the finest fabrics and raw materials that they could find. They use traditional methods and combine them with the newest and most cutting edge technologies available. Their goal; to make the highest quality product they can possibly deliver. 


Profoumo is equally dedicated the social responsibility that comes with running any company in the always changing garment industry.  They also remain true to staying transparent and ensuring the good working conditions are maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process. 

They are actively participating the the BSCI  and continuously tweak their working conditions to maintain a strong morale among the workings and the staff. There are no unnecessary chemicals or substances used in the fabrics and they maintain that whether it be their leather or wool - the well-being of the source animals are taken into account.   

We are stocking some of the best shirts Profoumo has to offer and would love to show you what we have in store at Peter Roberts for Men; we are proud to be Fredericton's number one retailer for exclusive mens clothing and look forward to showing you what else we have in store for SS18!